Attraction Spells

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Attraction Spells

We are attracted to someone but are not able to express our feelings. How do we make that person understand that you are attracted to him/her or that you have a deep love for that person? Use Attraction Spells with PROF MK BISIMIRA. Your feelings of many years or of a short period of time will be reciprocated with the help of these free attraction love spells.

With our free attraction love spells you can become the one everyone loves, but more importantly, you will begin to draw in those who have genuine intentions for love. You can even make someone fall in love with you, the dream of you, or desire you.

You will connect with the people who love you for who you are, not just those who love you blindly.  These rituals will not only create a love or attraction that is true, but that can last a lifetime. If you are in need of a professional spell caster to cast an attraction love spell for you, PROF MK BISIMIRA is here for you.

What to Consider before Casting Attraction Love Spells

Attraction love spellsIronically, before casting an attraction spell, you should be fully prepared to let the other person go if they so desire.  Typically, if you try to force another person’s will, they will never see what you are seeing simply because they will not be able to vibrate with the same natural resonance that you are experiencing.  Aside from that, you should be committed to satisfying the other person’s relationship needs, as well as keeping any promises that you make during casting attraction spells.

Perhaps it can be said that attraction spells are no different than wearing makeup or using other types of enhancement to get a specific person to notice you.   When you work in the spiritual realms, it is still important to realize that attraction spells can change the other person’s energy as well as your own.  Therefore, if you want a positive outcome, it is always important to think about how you would feel as well as what you would do if someone cast this type of spell in your direction.

These rituals can also be cast if you’ve longed to be the person who wants to be the center of attention, you might want someone to be strongly attracted to you, and even want to make someone fall deeply in love with you. If you know the person’s name always include it in the spell. In the case that you want to cast a more general spell you will not include a name of a specific person but cast it in a more general fashion.

Spells to change Friendship to loveSpells to turn friendship to love

You have felt love for your friend for some time now, though you didn’t know what to do about it. They seem to not notice you are there and they seem to not even care that you love them more than a friend. But you can see in their eyes, sometimes, that they feel something more too.

With this free Spell to Turn a Friend into a Lover, you can awaken the love they have for you and you can turn an ordinary friendship into an extraordinary romance. The energy of love is already there, it just needs a push to get started.

Ignite the energy of romance

To ignite the energy of romance you will be making your own passion powder. These powders are made out of herbs and flower petals and sprinkled in places where romance must take place.

The energies that radiate from the powder will introduce romance, passion, desire, and lust into your relationship or marriage and can be used on existing relationships or new ones.

Coffee, cardamom, and ginger are thought to increase lust and desire. The cinnamon promises speedy results. The roses in this recipe represent tenderness and love. This ancient Obeah Romance Spell is highly effective in creating a strong romantic energy between two people, that has the potential to last a lifetime.

Voodoo Desire me Spells

voodoo attraction spellsThis is a Voodoo Desire Spell.  This ritual uses candles that suit the dual purpose of being effigies or poppets.  These are also commonly known as figure candles.

You can buy these types of Candles, usually called Adam and Eve Candles at an occult store. Tonka beans, which are white beans that jump around when heated, are used in this spell. You can buy them at novelty and occult shops.  The Adam candle represents a male and the Eve candle symbolizes a female.

If you cannot find the magic figure candles you can use regular candles. If you want a professional spellcaster to cast a spell for you, PROF MK BISIMIRA for help.

Spells to win the Love of someone

The spell to Win the Love of Someone You Love will make the person whom you love fall deeply and intensely in love with you. It is not a passing desirability or romance, but is true love and will last a lifetime.

The ritual stimulates a strong, healthy, true love that is intended to take couples into a rewarding relationship that both will enjoy. You can take advantage of this ritual so that you are able to achieve true love without hurting anyone. The spell works in making you more attractive and reciprocates your true feelings. It will be the starting of a new relationship that will endure the tests of time.

Full moon Spells to draw your crush to you

Few things are more romantic than strolling with your lover beneath a beautiful full moon.  We all dream of the exhilaration of falling in love.  If you wish to make someone fall deeply in love with you, use this powerful full moon spell when the moon is full.  It is important that you perform this spell to draw a crush to you and to make him or her fall in love with you during the appropriate moon phase.

To do otherwise can lessen the effectiveness of the spell, or even counter the results that you wish for.  For spells such as this one, which seeks to draw something to yourself, the new moon, waxing moon, and especially the full moon are the most effective times in the lunar calendar.

In addition to drawing the person you love into your life this spell will also free them from the darkness of ignorance and denial, and help to illuminate a person’s true feelings.  In the case of this full moon love spell, such illumination will lead the object of your desire to a realization of the feelings of love that he or she feels for you.  This spell creates an ancient and powerful force that, when used effectively, can allow you to attain your heart’s desire.

Spells to make someone dream of you

This is a quick dream spell using pink and white birthday candles. You burn the candles down while thinking positive thoughts and sending good energy towards the dreamer.

This kind of magic is known as sympathetic magic. It is best to do this spell while the person in question is having a nap or late at night when you are quite certain the person is asleep.

This ritual is used to make someone dream of you and attracted to you, especially if you think erotic thoughts. To make them feel better towards you if you are having a fight then send them healing thoughts.  Poppy seeds are used, as they are a symbol of dreaming.

Obeah Spells to make someone love youobeah spells to make someone love you

This Obeah love spell is designed to make someone fall deeply in love with you.  This spell can achieve this without resorting to coercive or manipulative tactics, so you need not fear such negative side effects.  Instead, this Obeah love spell will allow your lover to realize his or her true feelings for you.  The love that results from this spell will be genuine and long-lasting.

On its surface, Obeah seems to be driven by an intricate combination of rituals, chants, invocations, wangas, charms, and Shamanistic tools.  However, none of this is the true heart of Obeah.  The important thing to remember when working with spells such as this one is that what truly powers Obeah is the strength and specificity of an individual’s visualization of what it is that he or she hopes to achieve.  So be as specific and detailed as possible in your visualizations when working with Obeah love spells and rituals.

The natural and supernatural energies that you harness with Obeah will grant your desires, but you must first be sure of what those desires truly are and you must articulate them as clearly as possible.  In this way, you can use Obeah to lead you to the future that you dream of. If you are in need of a professional spellcaster to cast a spell for you, PROF MK BISIMIRA is the right person.

Spells to make someone fall in love

Spells to make someone fall in loveWe all want to be truly and deeply loved.  You can use this Wicca spell to make someone fall in love with you if you believe that the person you desire simply requires a nudge in the direction of their true loving feelings. It is not recommended to use this spell to make someone fall in love if the seeds of love are not already, to some extent, present within that person’s heart.

In order for the ritual to be effective, you must perform it by yourself. Take a shower, without soap, and wash your face in the shower 7 times, by wiping from your chin to the back of your head. Dry off carefully and wear exclusively white clothing. Remove any jewelry.

While performing the following steps, think intensely about your desired partner and concentrate on the wonderful future you can have together. Avoid any interruptions, such as telephone or the like. Concentrate entirely on the spell and avoid any negative thoughts.